Pulpotomy in Santa Ana, CA

When dental decay has spread to the interior of a tooth but is not severe enough for a full root canal, a pulpotomy may be recommended. A pulpotomy is often completed on baby teeth to save the tooth from being extracted. Saving the tooth is important to ensure your child’s permanent teeth have the necessary time to erupt. Pediatric dentist Dr. Kent N. Do proudly offers pulpotomy treatments at South Coast Pediatric Dentistry in Santa Ana, CA to help reduce your child’s pain and save their decayed tooth. If your child is showing signs of a pulp infection, contact our office to learn more about how a pulpotomy can preserve the tooth and ensure your child’s oral wellness.

Before beginning the pulpotomy, the affected tooth will be numbed. If your child has anxiety or dental fears, oral sedation is also available to help ensure they remain comfortable and calm for the procedure. The procedure will begin by removing any plaque or decay surrounding the enamel. Next, Dr. Kent will drill into the tooth's inner core and remove the infected pulp. Once complete, the tooth will be sealed, and a dental crown will be placed to cover the tooth. There may be some swelling or pain after the procedure so Dr. Kent may prescribe medication to help with the discomfort.


A pulpotomy is an important tool for maintaining childhood oral health. A pulpotomy can help reduce painful symptoms to help your child speak and chew more easily and offers a host of other benefits, which include:

  • Can be completed in a single appointment
  • Reduces the spread of decay
  • Can help preserve baby teeth
  • Eliminates tooth pain
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Treats tooth infections
  • Cost-effective and less invasive

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If your child is experiencing the pain of a dental cavity and a filling can’t resolve the issue, Dr. Kent and his team can perform a pulpotomy to help restore the tooth’s function and structure and reduce the need for more invasive procedures in the future. Contact South Coast Pediatric Dentistry in Santa Ana, CA to learn more about this advanced procedure, and schedule an initial consultation.

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